Who is Pelagic Dive Travel?

Pelagic Dive Travel (PDT) was created by Terry Smith. Terry has been a Dive Instructor for the last 14 years and worked in the Travel industry for over 20 years. With a dedicated team, whom all are divers, PDT, has sourced the best diving operators ( called Trip Service Providers) with the best product and safety records for your selection in the areas with the best diving.

Who is Pelagic Dive Travel, the company?

Pelagic Dive Travel (PDT) is a private Australian company. PDT is listed with ASIC and is trading as a Public Limited company (Pty Ltd). PTD is situated in Cairns, Australia and meets all required government laws for a Travel Agency.

However we will not provide or source any air flights for our Travellers. PDT will only take bookings for accommodation, diving and land-based transport. Pelagic Dive Travel has Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance. It will be the responsibility of the Traveller to organize, their own travel and diving insurance. The Directors are made up of experienced Divers, Travel operators and financial services, with a combined experience of over 45 years in various positions, in the tourism industry.

Why was Pelagic Dive Travel created?

PDT was created out of frustration around the lack of clear and easy to find information about what marine species you could see on a Liveaboard, Dive Resort or close to a Resort. Although you can NOT guarantee that you will see a certain marine species you can provide information about the season they will visit and a dive site that is regularly visited by certain marine animals. For example Manta Rays at a cleaning station between May to October in one specific destination.

How is Pelagic Dive Travel different?

PDT has a value statement - Discover new places, support the environment, and trust in our knowledge!

Sure our search is unique but there is more. We are an independent company and we strive to source new products, dive sites and destinations. What we are focusing on is supporting the smaller liveaboards, the dive resorts, and resorts. This goes hand in hand with remote areas, new dive locations, and the environment.

We want to create a community of like-minded divers who support the environment and search for new diving. We support all environmental trips through the use of our booking platform, we do not charge them or take any "cut". Payments go straight to the organization and we do our best to promote them.

Over the course of the company's live we will be active in building awareness, education and the preservation of the marine environment.


How does the PDT search bar work?

PDT uses the search by Marine Species or "Special Trip", what we call - Discovery. The default search is Pelagic Fish and there are 12 other options. Enter your dates of travel and it brings up your requested Discovery in a world map which showing Liveaboards, Dive Resorts & Resorts. There is no guarantee for any marine species sightings but it allows you a much better chance to see one as there are seasons for marine species. The information is provided by local Trip Service Providers who have many years of knowledge and experience in these areas.

What is Discovery?

A Discovery can be a marine species or a type of experience - Pelagic Fish, Manta Rays, Whalesharks, Macro/ Muck Diving, Specialised-Photography, Soft Corals, Remote/Off the Beaten path, Expeditions-Species, Expeditions-New/Undived Territories, Whales, Wrecks, Blue Water/Drop Offs, Sharks, Shark-Cage Diving, Environmental/ Scientific

Can PDT guarantee to see a Discovery?

PDT can NOT guarantee that you will see a specific marine species or Discovery. As every SCUBA Diver is aware of, the ocean is vast and although the marine species could be in that area in season, it may be that you miss out on seeing it. The information on each Discovery is provided by the Trip service provider each has experience in their own dive areas and have the best idea of when it will be possible to see and try to take the diver to see them.

What is Accommodation?

Accommodation refers to Liveaboard, Dive Resort or a Resort. 

What is Destination?

Destination refers to the country, which is then broken down into an area of diving.

What do Diver and Non-Diver mean?

Diver is one person namely yourself. Two Divers is for you and your diving partner. Diver & Non-Diver is for you the Diver and you non-diving partner. This category will show mainly Dive Resort and resort based accommodation and some Liveaboards that cater for non-divers.

How do I enter the dates?

You can enter the first date by pushing the arrow at the top to the month you require, find the date you want to stay or arrive in an area and then you can enter up to 14 days. This allows a broad search for vessel departure and resorts available dates. 


How do I make a booking?

Once you have decided on your accommodation you click on Book Now. This takes you to the booking area. Choose Diver, 2 Divers or Diver Non-Diver and then you cabin or room. The Liveaboard is per person cost and the Dive Resort & Resort cost is listed per room. You can add any extras - like dive equipment, or even pre- or post accommodation. Enter your details and accept the terms and conditions. You're then taken to a payment page and from there a confirmation page

Do I need to become a Member to make a booking?

Yes. Once you have decided on your trip you will be directed to enter your details. Your details are stored securely and this is used to fill out your booking details. Only you can see your details. You can also upload your certification card, your travel insurance, and your dive insurance. 14 Days from the departure date we send out final confirmation for you with the certification and your dive insurance attached, so the Trip Service Provider has that information for you. You can access your details anytime. This means that if you forget or perhaps the details are lost they are here for you.

How do I pay for my Booking?

Once the Terms & Conditions have been accepted and your details are entered you can choose to pay via credit card or Paypal. If using Credit Card the Trip Service Provider sometimes charges a fee for using the card.

Does the payment go directly to the trip operator?

Yes. Pelagic Dive Travel does not hold any payment we pass it directly to the Trip Service Provider.

When is my booking confirmed?

You will receive an e-mail confirming your booking. PDT has live connections to some service operators so this will be instant, for those without live connections it will be within 24 hours. PDT will strive to confirm as quickly as possible.

Is there a booking fee?

No, there is no booking fee.

What currency will I be charged in?

Each trip Service Provider has they local currency. The Liveaboard, Dive Resort or Resort will be used as the main currency, then if there is a second currency it will be converted to the main currency at the local market rate from that day. You will see the final charge in the "Booking Summary" in the currency. This will be charged to your Credit Card or Paypal, and your Credit Card will convert to your local currency.


Why do I have to pay a deposit?

A deposit is taken to confirm the booking. If the trip is in the future this allows the Trip Service Provider to reserve the booking. As you can imagine space can be booked quickly. The deposit is passed directly to the Trip Service Provider.

When do I have to pay for the whole trip?

Each Trip Service Provider has their own payment requirements. This is noted as a pop-up window through the payment window. You will also receive the details located on your booking confirmation. Please make a note of this on your calendar as non-payment will result in a cancellation.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes. Visa, Mastercard, and American Express - but NO Dinners Club.

Is there a credit card fee?

Yes, a 2.9% fee for Visa, Mastercard, and for American Express - but NO Dinners Club. We are a small operator and this is from our payment provider. We at PDT understand the problem with fees and we are trying to work on a solution for this.

Can I pay by Paypal?


Can I pay by bank transfer?

Please contact us first once you know what you wish to book, some providers have strict payment and cancellation policies. If it falls into these we have to pay them on booking. We at PDT understand the problem with fees and we are trying to work on a solution for this.


How can I cancel a booking?

You can cancel a booking at any time by sending an e-mail. The cancellation will apply from the day that PDT receives that e-mail. 

Will there be a charge for canceling?

Please check your confirmation for the cancellation policy. This is provided by the Trip Service Provider and PDT does not have any control over this. If the trip is canceled and the policy states that there is a charge you have to pay this.

Does PDT charge an administration fee for canceling?

No, but if you have paid by credit card the credit card fee will not be refunded as this charge is not held by PDT but by the credit card company.

What if a Trip Service Provider cancels the trip?

Each Trip Service Provider  - the operator who provides a service - has their own terms and conditions but if this was to happen we would provide full support and either reschedule or work out a solution to benefit all parties involved. Dive insurance can cover this please check your insurance.

What if there's bad weather and I miss dives?

Unfortunately, this is a possibility, certain dive travel insurance policy's cover such a scenario but the Trip Service Provider has no control over the weather and can't be held liable. In such scenarios, the decision is not taken lightly and is taken as a concern for the divers safety and well being.


Do I need Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance is heavily recommended. There are many insurance providers each offering different policies. PDT recommends you source one in your home country which covers your entire trip. 

Do I need Dive Injury and Evacuation insurance?

Yes. This is mandatory for many Trip Service Providers. We recommend DiveAssure. However, this may not suit everyone and PDT staff are not medical professionals, any concerns please refer to your own medical specialist or a dive doctor.

Will I need to do a medical for Travel Insurance?

PDT can not answer that question. Each Insurance provider has different requirements. PDT staff are not medical professionals, any concerns please refer to your own medical specialist or a dive doctor.

Will I need to fill out a waiver?

Each Trip Service Provider asks that you fill out a waiver form. Scuba diving, snorkeling, in water activities and land-based, shore excursions are strenuous. If you are unsure about your level of fitness please see your local medical professional. PADI has a standard waiver form.

Will I need to do a Dive Medical?

Scuba diving, snorkeling, in water activities and land-based, shore excursions are strenuous. If you are unsure about your level of fitness please see your local medical professional. if you have any concerns please refer to a dive doctor. PADI has a standard waiver form. If you answer yes to any of these questions you will have to be cleared by a dive doctor. Trip service providers, do use this form or have a similar one. If you are in a remote area doctors can be very hard to find and may mean you miss the departure or cannot dive. If you are unsure a Dive Medical from your home country would be recommended.


Do I need to become a member?

You don't have to but when you make a booking you will do.

Why do I have to become a member on booking?

It allows you to store your details. The information provided goes onto your booking form and is sent to the Trip Service Provider  You can access this anytime and it allows you to keep track of your booking as all confirmations are stored there. You will be asked to upload your Dive Insurance into this area as well as your dive certificate details. We send this on final confirmation to the Trip Service Provider so they have all the paperwork. We try to make it easy for you.

What are the benefits of being a member?

You have access to a community of like-minded divers. You can share ad search for dive travel tips, connect with dive buddy's and upload and share photos. You receive offers of savings, promotions, and giveaways of equipment. PDT prides itself on searching for remote and new destinations. We ask what and where members would like to go and organize trips

Are my details safe?

We do not disclose or give out any details to a third party other than the trip Service Provider, we do not sell any details onto a third party and we do not store and credit card details.